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Arthritis, which affects millions of Americans each year, is characterized by an inflammation of the cartilage within the body’s joints. Arthritis can have serious implications in regard to feet, which each contain thirty-three joints. When coupled with the fact that, depending on whether one is walking or running, feet can bear up to four times a person’s total body weight, this can amount to significant pain or discomfort. Some symptoms of arthritis include joint pain, swelling, redness, limited mobility, and stiffness that is at its worst early in the morning.

The good news is that arthritis is treatable. First, those who experience arthritis can wear shoes that provide extra support. Second, they can begin a physical therapy program that includes a regimen of exercise and massage. But before they do any of this, they should first visit their podiatrist for a comprehensive foot exam, and to discuss whether custom orthotics or surgery could help alleviate their discomfort.

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