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Bunions are a bony, progressive deformity resulting from an inherited, faulty structure of the foot.  Physical changes including a bump at the big toe joint, and the big toe leaning towards the second toe are classic signs of a bunion deformity. Bunions can cause pain and soreness at the big toe joint, as well as inflammation, burning, or even numbness. Symptoms occur mostly while wearing shoes that crowd the toes although many patients complain of pain when walking with no shoe gear. The progressive nature of bunion deformities, coupled with the fact that they don’t go away on their own, often necessitates a visit to a podiatrist. Your podiatrist can assist in the diagnosis of bunions by conducting a comprehensive examination, and tailoring your treatment to your lifestyle needs. Conservative care including changes in shoe gear, padding, splits, anti-inflammatory medications, and injections may assist in the pain you are experiencing. Surgical options are recommended for chronic pain, and when the bunion deformity affects your daily life, and prevents you from doing your daily routine. Contact your Podiatrist for a consultation of your bunion deformity.

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