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Ingrown Toenails

Those who experience ingrown toenails can attest to the fact that they’re no laughing matter. This painful condition occurs when the toenails begin to curl at the edges, and then dig into the flesh surrounding the nail bed. For most of the people with ingrown toenails, they are nothing more than a painful inconvenience; however, for others who have impaired circulation, they can be a very serious condition that requires immediate medical attention. Individuals can take certain steps to avoid ingrown toenails: First, they can trim their nails straight across, instead of shaping their nails to follow the natural curvature of their toes. Second, they can select and wear proper-fitting shoes. For those who, regardless of these precautions, do develop ingrown toenails, podiatrists can help by conducting a simple, in-office procedure to remove the troublesome portion of the toenail.

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