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No matter how you cut it, one thing’s for sure – Americans are spending more and more time on their feet. In fact, the American Podiatric Medical Association recently reported that the average person takes between 8,000 and 10,000 steps every day. Spread over a lifetime, these daily steps would allow a person to circle the globe four times over.

It’s no wonder that foot pain has become a leading complaint among Americans. The human foot is, after all, an incredibly complex structure, made up of 26 bones. When both feet are considered together, those bones make up one quarter of those found in the human body.

Podiatrists are the only medical specialists whose entire medical training concentrates on the foot, ankle, and related body systems. Like any other physician, podiatrists complete a four-year academic program. Following this, podiatrists complete a residency program that lasts anywhere from two to four years, where they receive advanced training in podiatric medicine, and complete traditional rotations in everything from internal medicine to pathology, radiology, emergency medicine and general surgery.

Further, like all other physicians, podiatrists must be licensed by the states in which they practice. To gain licensure, they must first pass comprehensive oral and written examinations, and complete regular continuing medical education, in order to ensure that those who practice remain aware of the newest and safest innovations in podiatric medicine.


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