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Comprehensive Diabetic Foot Care

For diabetics, wounds that might ordinarily seem trivial can be potentially life threatening. In fact, Foot problems are among the leading causes of hospitalization for the millions of people living with diabetes. To prevent these sorts of conditions, regular check ups from your Podiatrist are essential. Routine management of a diabetic foot exam at Hays Foot and Ankle Center includes debridement of toenails and calluses, examination of suspicious lesions, sensation checks, and circulation assessments. If you are diabetic, and you see any changes with your feet including loss of sensation, temperature changes, suspicious lesions, or pain, consult your Podiatrist immediately.

Crafting of Custom Orthotics

Many conditions of the foot and ankle can be managed conservatively through orthotic therapy. Orthotics, which are medical devices that support or correct musculoskeletal deformities or other abnormalities, can be designed to fit into most standard footwear. They benefit the foot by allowing the tendons, bones and muscles to function at their highest potential, decreasing pain and increasing stability up the functional chain of the leg. Many patients with knee pain, hip pain and even lower back pain may benefit from an orthotic device, which have been shown to prevent the progression of these conditions. We use a state of the art infrared optical scanning system that uses true foot contours and arch height measurements in order to produce the best-quality orthotics available today.

Non-Surgical Treatment Strategies for Athletic Injuries and Other Foot Disorders

We are committed to the philosophy that your treatment should be as comfortable and noninvasive as possible. To that end, we make sure that all conservative treatments are exhausted before we ever consider surgical management of your foot and ankle ailments. A thorough biomechanical analysis of your foot and ankle is undertaken to observe your muscle and tendon function. If necessary, xrays are taken in-house at both of our locations. After this assessment, we will custom-tailor your treatment to your lifestyle so that you can get back on your feet as soon as possible.

Endoscopic Heel Surgery

Plantar Fasciitis is a condition involving the band of connective tissue stretching from the heel bone to the toes on the bottom of the foot. Although most patients get better with conservative treatment, some patients can only regain the full function of their affected feet through surgical intervention. The Endoscopic Plantar Fasciotomy, or “EPF”, is a minimally invasive surgical procedure involving two small incisions on the outside of the foot. A special scope with a camera is inserted into the foot, allowing the physician to explore and repair the plantar fascia with only the smallest of incisions, reducing the recovery time substantially.

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